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  1. R7 - $500 WIN - # 12 Heroic Valour. Thanks John, Steve.
  2. R7 - £100E/W Haussman. R8 - £150 Win Beefeater. R9 - £150 WIn Legramor. Thanks John, Steve.
  3. Rangiora Tips(y) Tomorrow

    Very nice...
  4. Punters Club 16

    Option A for me also. A little off topic: Off to my new most favourite place in the whole world tomorrow...Queenstown. Ashamed to say that in my 24 years in NZ until last year I had never been to the S.I. Anyhow, had my oldest and dearest freinds over from England last Christmas / New Year, not seen them since i came so decided to take them to Queenstown. Now having heard constantly how wonderful that part of NZ is, and building it up myself, I fully expected to be underwhelmed. However it did not disapoint, we were all blown away, the drive from Queenstown to Wanaka was absolutely stunning, can't wait to get back. Will be back refreshed in time for PC 16, let's hope it is the most successful to date! Steve.
  5. How good is the darts?

    Just been watching the BDO version - night and day, think I could give some of them a game!
  6. Rangiora Tips(y) Tomorrow

    R1 - 4 One Over Da Skye. R2 - 5 Comfortably Numb (EW). R3 - 5 One Over Dover. R4 - 9 Megagem (EW). R5 - 1 Time For Diamonds. R6 - 9 Pembrook Blue. R7 - 10 Diamonds N Cash. R8 - 3 English Rose (EW). R9 - 7 Dundee Lady. R10 - 9 Star Commander (JUST WINS!!). And there are 10 to avoid. Good Punting Everyone, Steve.
  7. Typical Scouse............................!
  8. Yes indeed, currently wallowing in the conservative, outdated and boring tactical genius of the 'Special One'
  9. Blasphemy TC, I am actually from Manchester and a born and bred blue...
  10. Great draw PJ, a Mancunian against a Scouser... the ultimate North West Derby. R1 - 7/14. R2 - 5/10. R3 - 5/6. R4 - 5/11. R5 - 2/9. R6 - 1/3. R7 - 7/8. R8 - 8/11 BB. R9 - 9/11. R10 - 2/4 BB. All The Best Kloppite, Thanks to PJ / John / Brian, Good Punting And a Happy and Prosperous New Year to All (even the Scouser). Go Team Horse, Steve.
  11. How good is the darts?

  12. How good is the darts?

    Hoping for Rob Cross to win, don't know why but cannot warm to MVG at all!
  13. How good is the darts?

    Brilliant watch!