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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106


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  1. The times on the website are the times they ran on friday night at hatrick I believe. Appears none of the times from those dogs from Sunday are included and dogzone was unaware why as well
  2. Nice interview Mr rumpole of what I caught. Chris might have to buy you a new phone though
  3. I wouldn't call this scum robin hood!!!! Cuts a patron!!!! Hope they catch him there is too many armed robberies these days makes me sick
  4. Another question Kim is since you took out your license has anyone from the association touched base and see how you are going and what things they could help you with? I would doubt it but if they don't just a simple phone call is not that hard to do. Keep up the good work and your passion is amazing
  5. I will check with her Doom race 6 1/2 (you know what will happen though )
  6. JASON2 1. Tauranga R2 - 2/9 2. Tauranga R4 - 2/7 3. Tauranga R5 - 1/6 4. Doomben R2 -2/11 5. Tauranga R7 - 2/7 6. Tauranga R8 - 1/8 BB 7. Doomben R5 - 1/7 8. Doomben R6 - 5/9 9. Doomben R7 - 10/12 BB 10. Doomben R8 - 1/10 SARAH 1. Tauranga R2 - 3/4 2. Tauranga R4 - 4/6 3. Tauranga R5 - 6/9 4. Doomben R2 - 7/12 5. Tauranga R7 - 2/12 bb 6. Tauranga R8 - 6/7 7. Doomben R5 - 3/8 8. Doomben R6 - 1/2 BB 9. Doomben R7 - 3/14 10. Doomben R8 - 3/4 BB
  7. Everyone paid out or carried over thanks Feet up for a couple of weeks
  8. They used to have a mentor system down south and a NZQA recognised course that many people attended with Keith Coppins many years back but nothing financial. There is not much "new blood" coming through as the trainers of the future will be children of current trainers ( happening now with your Matt) , and on that subject if matt didn't have the backing of Stu D he probably wouldn't be where he is now. Needs to be some incentives which there doesn't seem to be, even a industry funded kennels where all young trainers could get a leg up and be overseen by a senior trainer ( e.g Ray Adcock (south), Bill Hodgson(CD), Schofield(north) and say rent to buy kennels etc to give them a start. otherwise the industry will be stuffed in the next 20 years( maybe 10 even)
  9. can it be locked for comments until " it does come out then" ???
  10. Happy to put money in whenever someone wants a bet.
  11. The 3 pubs in chch I worked in none had that facility good to note down for chch people though
  12. Hi team thought I would start the new thread then I can have a clean break for a few weeks Punters Club 15 will kick off 15th July and we have 19 members so will go until 18th November. I have Melbourne Cup day off work so I think we will do a special cup day round like we did last year (more details closer to the time). One question I would like to put to everyone is how we place bets? A. Same as club 14 where if you have a TAB account you put your own bets on and I put on all non account holders on for them? B. I put all bets on like Club 13 but must be posted by 10.30am Saturday morning or carry over to the week later eg 1 punter that week and 3 the next(as with a small family need some family time)? $21 a week as per normal. $399 if you want to pay in full, and anyone who carried their $291 over it will be $108. Same bank account as always. MEMBERS THE McCOOKS STEVE PAUL GROUP 1 TRAPDAK BRYCE NEK TOM RITCHIE SIR G MOOSEY BLIND SQ CUBES MARDY TIGER TIGER CAT PORKY BROWN FOX SMILER AL DRAW 15TH JULY- THE McCOOKS(With it being an odd number of punters we will just bet once and bet the $440 in one go) 22ND JULY-STEVE PAUL & SMILER 29TH JULY-SIR G & BLIND SQ 5TH AUGUST-NEK AND TRAPDAK 12TH AUGUST-GROUP 1 WINNER & MOOSEY 19TH AUGUST-AL & BROWNFOX 26TH AUGUST- TIGER TIGER & BRYCE 2ND SEPTEMBER-PORKY & CAT 9TH SEPTEMBER-CUBES & RITCHIE 16TH SEPTEMBER-TOM & MARDY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23RD SEPTEMBER-TRAPDAK & SMILER 30TH SEPTEMBER-STEVE PAUL & SIR G 7TH OCTOBER-NEK & BLIND SQ 14TH OCTOBER-GROUP 1 WINNER & AL 21ST OCTOBER-MOOSEY & BROWNFOX 28TH OCTOBER-TIGER TIGER & CAT 4TH NOVEMBER-PORKY & BRYCE 11TH NOVEMBER-CUBES & TOM 18TH NOVEMBER-RITCHIE & MARDY
  13. WELL THAT IS PUNTERS CLUB 14 DONE AND DUSTED SOME REALLY CLOSE RESULTS THAT COULD OF GONE OUR WAY BUT DIDNT FINAL TOTAL IS $6411($291 per share) TOTAL INVESTED TO DATE $9680 WITH A NET LOSS OF $3269 Payouts will be done over the coming week and each member will be advised via email once done. Once again thank you everyone for your ongoing support and to Pete, Bluewater and Baxter we wish you all the best for the future and the door is always open in the future. Club 15 starting 15th July and will post new thread after lunch or tonight.
  14. Looks like the $50 was spent yesterday mardy
  15. You will answer to the moderators if they ask you though smart ass