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      Hi everyone sorry we had some hosting issues and had to upgrade to a bigger storage plan. As I am now managing the site and on learner plates it caused some issues. I want to thank Admin for all his help over the past years but we have decided to go our separate ways, I really appreciate all he has done for the site and the help he has given me over the past years. We will be upgrading and adding new features to the site with a new business directory, a special members only with many benefits  and many comps and prizes as we have been doing lately. We hope the new changes make the site more accessible to more, and more industry people feel able to participate in the forum in a transparent basis. There will be something for everyone we hope and look forward to seeing you all in here.Cheers.


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  1. Ring the Bell

    Another egg on face moment
  2. waiting with suspense for the twist
  3. CD missing out

    well said
  4. Oaks Selection Policy

    I would have to disagree there. if you had a dog who run the hands of the clock you would enter!!!! so you are saying Fahey's dog who run 29.90 ish in a maiden race and now is a C1 should not have bothered entering the oaks?
  5. Oaks Selection Policy

    its an open forum is it not gary didn't see the owner/trainer clause to reply? so until that clause is in place I will continue to reply. have a great day its the vague accusation that is confusing everyone I think
  6. Oaks Selection Policy

    well Ray why don't you just stop talking in riddles and tell everyone what you are on about, saves assumptions then
  7. Oaks Selection Policy

    that's a bit harsh Wazza. shouldn't every dog get a chance. If you were on the other end with a class 1 dog I bet you would have a different view
  8. CD missing out

    Where are you getting your stats from would highly doubt CD has same number of dogs as in the south
  9. Hi Jas,

    Just Deposited the $280 in A/C



  10. Positive swab

    surely an A class drug the police would have to be involved
  11. Oaks Selection Policy

    that's a bold statement Ray, I thought the CHCH club has a fair criteria policy. So your accusation is certain kennels are getting looked after?
  12. Punters Club 16

    Why change a winning formula
  13. Punters Club 16

    TOTAL AFTER WEEK 13 $5906.10($310 PER SHARE ) $279.40 for the week. onto next week with the Cubinator and Steve P to keep these wheels moving.
  14. Positive swab

    I been told its a northern trainer and its in the jan mag
  15. OP

    so was just a typo you think? guess time will tell I guess