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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin

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  1. R1=1/3 R2=1/2 R3=3/4 R4=1/4' R5=4/16 R6=1/5 R7=2/6 B/B R8=3/5 R9=7/10 B/B R10=1/5 good luck to you wrinkles, and every one else... don't for get to vote
  2. Jacinda Ardern

    i asked people I knew and 99.995 of them are inports, from Auckland,england and other parts of the north island.. I agree those locally born /breed have not got the intelligence to vote any thing different than national. my daughter in law is one such local. she works at macdonalds but acts as though she is the richest person alive.and likes to show it.. a bit like hidasent in keeping up appearances.. but those I quizzed are genuine that they will vote nz first.
  3. Jacinda Ardern

    they all are, they are all trying to dictate the election result to score ratings points over each another like colmar bruton, the are falsely giving these polls wit about 4,5% accuracy. I would rather take it on the one I did. 50 people I gore.mataura asked them who they would vote for after a debate and what they know about the candidates and the todd Barclay bugging and all but 4 are swinging towards nz first, this poll was taken at ramdon by myself from everyday people on the street, with cross life styles, including a farmer, house wife's, cleaners, cooks, kitchen hand , shop assistants, labourers, unemployed and my poll is within 99.99% accuracy with really only one person not 100% sure of even voting . what I can not understand is were are these people getting the people from , for me they are not asking the right type of people they are sugar coating the result to suit their own opinion. yes paddy is a wanka as well now my main thing for voting day.. I like to watch the elections as they unroll, which channel is going to have the most unbias performance?without being a total suck up ?
  4. Jacinda Ardern

    that debate last night was timid... just went over what they have already said. foe me the children in the classroom asking questions was by far the best account these political fools have given of themselves and their policies. and yes agree, mike hosking is a right royal wanka.
  5. Jacinda Ardern

    nothing wrong with glyness Dickson, the fault clearly lies with todd Barclay .. I never liked him and I alo don't like the pansy national have standing this election. this scandal is going to be around for a long time.there is no doubt that ms Dickson was a spy for bill English as they got on really good but in the end that made no difference as todd did the dirty on his starff ans did bill English on his friend, he stabbed her in the back. yes she is on the council and is doing great, a worthy councilor at that, however I do agree with you that gore people have never been smart when it comes to voting, gore area being a long time national seat proves that,, and chEvy, shE is not a bitch. a witch maybe but she doesn't deserve to be called names like that. if my employer was taping me , i'd smack him over, from what I can put together with bill texting her telling her to resign etc, she decided to go public, and a few ceo national electrate people also quite at the same time... still under investigation. her privacy well and truly violated. but still I guess she is now happy ..not sitting at the table counting her money I also.don't guzzle my moonshine, I drink it with the elegance of any other northern drunk...
  6. Jacinda Ardern

    had my first politic door knocker on Saturday.. a lovely fella. from the nz labour party, armed with his list of voters in gore/Mataura area. polite, chatty. well informed. mmm he said and do you know who you are going to vote for he asks.. well I said. I had made up my mind nz first but really i'm still undesided. that seems to be the way in Mataura, a big swing to nz first he replied. mark Patterson looks as though me might give the tori;s a run for their money.. now it is in general that gore dictates the election swing. or so they say.. the labour party Sheila , doesn't do much for me nor does the labour party leader, when the leadership changed I heard that this jacinda Sheila was a real stunner. been looking on the news every night waiting to be stunned... sorry people I can not see what ever you are all looking at. but I will give her this, she does look better than bill English and his second in charge tart.' but she looks like a horse or two I've backed every week.... wonder if looks win you elections... mmmm wouldn't be many winners with the lot we have at present. ther was a meeting being held this week in gore with all the local canadates but i'm to unwell to be driving out at night, so i'll just take everyone that knows it all in gore for what they think they saw as the best option. and as I told the labour party fella Saturday, I might give labour one of my votes but doubt if it will hep their cause.. but in general, nz first are very likely to run national a close race.. it is going to be neck and neck, stride for stride, and the winnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr will be the one with the biggest NOSE... I just hope it is not another bill English puppet.
  7. ruakaka race 5.. I have put in selections from race 4.. so can I have 2/8 as there is no # 10 race 5. sorry for stuffin you around
  8. ruakaka race 1 out is #5 , please replace with #7= Charlie Farley.
  9. R1=5/6 R2=2/4 R3=3/7 R4=2/10 R5=1/2 R6=4/6 B/B R7=6/9 R8=5/7 B/B R9=2/8 R10=1/11 good luck Lloyd, and the flying sulkies.
  10. Jacinda Ardern

    you can not TRUST national or labour, they have destroyed the NZ way of life to feather their own ideas and nests. I call it political corruption. politic's is a real dirty word. but more so those that claim to be the best thing since sliced bread are the worst. they promise everything they believe the general public want but they all really deliver NOTHING. this happens every election and nz public get the same old,same old bullshit from them that, it wasn't feasible or there wasn't the money or other areas need the funding more urgently so we had to make cuts.. you all know how it works.. lies, lies and more lies .. BROKEN PROMISES. makes one not want to vote, but I want a change, but don't trust any one but feel they need something or some one on their side to keep them honest even if the rich, knowitall bastards don't like that idea. power to the people.
  11. Are females keeping the Junior ranks alive?

    well hello stranger.long time no see/hear.. I remember seeing you drive ricky's task remember me? married your mate, Judith.
  12. posting for Richie. R3=6/11 B/B R4=5/7 R5=1/2 R6=1/2 R7=3/6 B/B R8=1/2 R9=1/3 R10-4/6
  13. scratched R7 at rosehill #9, can replace with merari please
  14. early for me, having vision problems of late, so got to do this in day light. R1=7/9 R2=3/4 R3=5/6 R4=5/8 R5=2/9 B/B R6=3/8 R7=3/6 R8=7/13 R9=1/9 B/B R10=3/11 GOOD LUCK ISAAC AND EVERY ONE ELSE.. hope I can get a few home this weekend.
  15. mataura garden beds

    beautification project by the Mataura alliance meat works, could cost $155,000.00 the community board members meet last week to discuss the proposal to install 31 garden plots, at a cost of about $5,000 a plot. in the alliance group Mataura plant carpark, for me this is not beautification, as a plot will be set, every 9th carkpark, the cost could well be spent in other areas of the community, this is just a face for a dump of a town. a bit like brazils Olympics were they hid , the rough diamonds from the media. at $ 5000 a plot this is disgusting.. and who ever comes up with these ideas,well in my view they are totally senior citizen, and need to be put out to pasture.