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  1. So much fun.... and havent galloped yet

    Enjoy the service your trainer provides, its not a glamorous nor easy job to do...even when the horses are winning your mind is always on what drama is about to unfold. Fingers and toes crossed the horses stay sound and competitive and the staff dont get hurt. All the best to you and may you win loads more races
  2. So much fun.... and havent galloped yet

    You sound like the type of owners any trainer would appreciate. Being able to communicate without fear is so important.
  3. So much fun.... and havent galloped yet

    Agree with alot of what you have written. Im lucky in that i can be very hands on working with the trainer. Alot of trainers are pressured to keep pressing forward with their horses even thou they would rather back off For example, a horse that comes into work and is not been well looked after in the spelling paddock and the trainer has to start from scratch to build the animal up from nothing...this takes extra valuable expensive weeks to do. Everthing is finally going good for the animal and then suddenly under pressure from gallops and getting to the trials etc the poorly spelled/bugger all feet trimmed animal hit the wall and goes lame/sore. Working back in a big stable i take my hat off to the trainer for being able to deal with some of these animals. But this trainer also has to deal with the owners who are pushing to get to the races ... the poor trainer has to tell them its not going to happen this prep and keep his or her fingers crossed they don't lose the owner. Its a catch 22 in some cases.
  4. So much fun.... and havent galloped yet

    15 to the furlong in normally under a good riders balancing hold... its called 3/4 pace. This is not a gallop. You are right, good stayers can sometimes require slow build ups due to one wanting to condition the amimals metal ability as well as clocking up many miles on the conditioning on legs , joints and all the soft tissues connected.
  5. As a breeder of what is a middle distance to staying types. My lad by Zed is up to his 4th preparation... people that are at the track keep asking me when are you going to gallop him? My answer to them is he will show us when he is ready to step up. They answer with how old is he now and i reply with 3.... and hes the type of breed you dont rush, even thou he looks strong hes still got the baby thing going on. This 4th prep we may even gallop and get to the trials... who knows Why do people think they have to gallop a young horse early? Do any of breeders / owners think the same way?
  6. Choosing A Yearling

    Paul Moroney is one of the best, when it comes to picking future good race horses. And he doesn't always go for he blue bloods. I remember him looking at one of mind...he looked and asked questions about the horse. That horse wet on to be very good race horse.
  7. SPCA Investigates TB Stud

    Going by social media..... this article should have never been published as this is still in the hands of the court at present. The claims have been made by two fired ex employees.
  8. This lad is about to commence his first full prep.... has not been galloped yet. Now a three year old. If you are interested and want to join the team but want a smaller share just asked me. I have currently got a coulped of share holders that have joined the team so far. This horse is a seriously nice mover and is extremely tidy and has a great temperament. Top central district location, inform trainer to train him and one of the best track riders around to ride him who has also requested a share in this horse. 021 08828964
  9. A bit of leg

    I sent an 15.3 Stocky Ekraar mare to Zed and now have a very leggy near 16 hands 3vyear gelding by Zed. Haven't looked at your mares breeding. Be cafeful with sir inbreeding as there wete quite afew with funny front legs not the tidest examples and some of the fillys had stable names like spinner.. mad lucy etc
  10. Rising Three year old Gelding, recently finished being broken in and is currently spelling. Feed back has been very positive. Breeding is: Zed out of an Ekraar mare Rose and Storm. Three shares in total and only two available at 30% each. For further information please message me or call 02108828964 Very short video attached. Cloud first_001.3gp
  11. Foxton trials

    I'm picking not many will be going to these trials. Hope it goes ok for the Jockeys and horses.
  12. Breeding stayers is a tough game of wait and see. If you try to sell your stock young... (staying breeds) the buyers seem to think they can offer a fraction of the service fees ... even if the individual you have bred is almost perfect conformation. Tough caper breeding stayers
  13. Fingers crossed awapuni finally get their track to the high standard and doesn't try to do a quick fix. It will always have the reputation of being too deep in the winter but thats the nature of the track......... so we also need a track like Foxton to get up and running again for the benefit of all concerned.
  14. Purcell on Weigh In on Monday

    A Training centre in Auckland would be a good idea.... however the stable hands and trackriders would not like the cost of RENTING in Auckland. Crazy costs of living up there, and do you really think the owners and trainers are going to be able to pay $20.00 to $30.00 dollars a ride or per hour just so the stable staff can afford to live in the Auckland?????