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  1. New all weather track.

    Maybe it was the broken pipe that punctured the water truck tyre?
  2. New all weather track.

    Great that it got dealt with, before it became an issue.
  3. New all weather track.

    Let me guess. There was crap in the pipes and the water couldn't drain efficiently?
  4. New all weather track.

    What, so they got someone in to fix the drains? Brilliant, why didn't someone think of that the last two times the same sort of thing happened?
  5. Blast from My Past

    More likely a chap called Wingrove, who trained at Alex many moons ago now.
  6. Cambridge

    Too many 318 dogs that can't do 375 on Cambridge track?
  7. Rollin' Thunder

    Or you can watch the bunny.
  8. Rollin' Thunder

    D'oh! Yes.
  9. Rollin' Thunder

    Could be anything?
  10. Brendon & Lisa Cole - Bigtime Success

    What's your opinion?
  11. What have they done.

    I don't have a log in but as a browser, I quite like the new layout. Haven't read the social media policy, though....
  12. Manuaku Greyhounds Fields

    The regular starter does a perfectly good job, but you add a nice personal touch Gaz. I'm sure Lewy, Bob, Sharky & Delta all appreciate you calling them by their names.
  13. rubber band madness

    A laser is a good idea. If a horse breaks the beam a false start could be declared and it can be turned off and on instantaneously with no potential tangles or foul ups. Certainly more 21st Century!
  14. Palmerston North Friday Night

    20,000 a year actually.
  15. Box draws

    A bit stiff placing in a Group 1 then running 5-4-4 next three starts and struggling to get a downgrade sprint start.