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  1. Sweet It Is

    sweet it is reputation has been ruined, Doesn't look good for her breeding future..
  2. Lonesome Nitro Group1

    congrats on your first group 1 uncle. great effort by all involved.
  3. C/Crouch M/Roberts

    I have a solution for dogs who suffer from travelling...compression suits. visit http://www.hidez.com.au/index.php?route=product/category&path=70
  4. NZ Derby

    I like stylish fancy suited the 1 box. my pick 1-6-7
  5. NZ Derby

    My name is Lj joyce. ceo of eminent racing
  6. NZ Derby

    does it really matter? the haters will hate... warren is a good bloke. i know both gina and warren they use the one laptop between them my guess is one of the two didn't log out. now let's get back to the subject "NZ DERBY"
  7. NZ Derby

    let me know how it goes today uncle
  8. NZ Derby

    FP needs a wide box draw to stay outta trouble.
  9. NZ Derby

    Waiting patiently for the field. Who's running hot atm?
  10. Breeding option pick the sire

    Collision x wild ember Fabregas x wild ember Barcia Bale x wild ember sire suggestion?
  11. S A Dickinson

    owner breeder, cawbourne kennels
  12. Another Interesting Rumour

    yep with my own eyes.after that we removed our dogs.
  13. Another Interesting Rumour

    <p>I remember going to pauls place while swimming never trusted his kennel from that day.</p>
  14. Auckland Cup

    good dog.Well if all goes well i will mention him before he leaves the country.
  15. Auckland Cup

    Can't give to much away....