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  1. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    R1 #9 Eye Wide Open R2 #5 Elusive Treasure R3 #13 Zaniah R4 #3 Lincoln Raider R5 #5 Our Abbadean R6 #13 Legramor R7 # 13 Power O'Hara R8 # 5 Leeds
  2. Pick For Place entries here

    Yir Tiz needs to be swabbed!!!
  3. Pick For Place entries here

    Riccarton Race 7 #9 Greenpark Gem Randwick Race 5 #8 Joyfilly Ours Randwick Race 6 #13 Seabrook Randwick Race 7 #3 Hartnell Randwick Race 8 #15 The Pinnacle Big thanks to all!
  4. B De Lore on the Messara appointment

    Run at Counties and not even at Easter - who was the genius that came up with that???
  5. See the shyte I have to put up with!!!!!!

    He's far too colourful and knowledgeable to be on Trackside - surely you know this already.
  6. Another "stain" to remove.

    Taken from an article in Australia we need to make this move. Stewards across the country want to amend the rules to stop riders’ agents from having an interest in or facilitating a bet on races a rider they manage has a ride in. Jockey managers around the country were informed of stewards’ intentions on Monday. “The Chairman of Stewards Committee (COSC) has recently become aware that a number of riders agents have commenced providing paid tipping services after being issued with a licence by a PRA (Principal Racing Authority),” the release read. “COSC is concerned about the significant conflicts of interest that will inevitably arise where such agents are tipping on races (and likely betting themselves) in which their clients are riding. “The arrangements which are currently allowed pose an integrity risk to the industry. “Accordingly, COSC recommends that riders agents are prohibited from betting on, or providing tips in relation to, races in which their clients are engaged to ride.” There are around 100 riders’ agents across the country and Racenet believes that less than five of them offer a tipping service. Three jockey agents, Mark Guest, John Scorse and Wayne Harris all work for Sky Racing and tip as part of their role. The jockeys’ agents have until close of business next Monday to make submissions for or against the proposal and a “group of them” have engaged lawyer Paul O’Sullivan to represent them. “Importantly there is already a rule in place which is AR175B which prohibits a rider’s agent from laying a horse where their rider is engaged,” O’Sullivan told RSN. “The note indicates that an integrity risk has been imposed but there’s been no compromise of integrity identified that has occurred in the past so to an extent we’re just looking at shadows at the moment.” The stewards’ new recommended rule – AR85A (7) reads. Except with the written permission of the relevant Principal Racing Authority or the Stewards, any riders agent who: bets, has an interest in a bet, or facilitates a bet; or provides either directly or indirectly to any person for any direct or indirect financial or other benefit (regardless of whether such benefit materialises) any tip, or any other information or advice that may influence any person to bet, on any race in which a rider whom the riders agent represents is engaged to ride commits an offence and may be penalised.
  7. TAB

    No question as to the riding skills. The Jockey bet is real dodgy in many respects. Imagine this scenario - not saying this has happened either. 1. Aiden Rodley must know that OP has weight issue - I would say this is a given. 2. AR books rides that he knows will be touch and go in terms of making weight - I would also think AR is aware of this due to the many times OP couldn't make weight. 3. What stops AR backing other jockeys knowing full well that OP is unlikely to make weight??? Insider trading/conflict of interest??? This has been going on for years and should have been rubbed out ages ago.
  8. OP

    Crack jockey Opie Bosson's career is in turmoil after he was charged with providing a urine sample for another jockey. New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing charged Bosson and Palmerston North jockey Bruce Herd after a tip-off led investigators to check the validity of one of the urine samples from random drug testing at a Waikato Racing Club meeting at Te Rapa on October 3. The Waikato Times understands Herd was asked to provide a urine sample but allegedly had Bosson provide one for him. Bosson and Herd could not to be contacted by Stuff.co.nz.
  9. Almandin

    Nice stuff - your confidence has been rewarded!
  10. Ellerslie track

    Really interesting topic but you have to take it all in perspective. 500gms only makes a difference after a certain point - establishing that point for each individual horse/weight of horse/distance of race is difficult. My best analogy would be: When Usain Bolt was at his best - you added a 300gm chocolate bar each time he one, at what point would he start losing - maybe 10 bars???
  11. TAB Site seems Screwed.

    Guru Meditation???
  12. The Banker, The Postie and the Shotputter

    I don't think we ever had the horsepower in place when the bankers and posties were employed. They still look so inept and searching for answers as slam dunk pointed out "ad hoc reliance on outside experts. I would however challenge the use of the term outside experts.
  13. I've always been amazed how the NZRB and NZTR have made such odd decisions in regards to personnel. You could swear that they've been hired to ruin racing, so pitiful the decisions that have been made these past 15 plus years. The spin lacks any evidence that things are about to improve, in fact it looks completely rudderless and looks headed for further demise. The latest Deloitte's report is another desperate attempt to find answers. WTF do they(Deloitte) know about betting and betting platforms - how much was wasted on this? Why wouldn't you employ someone that knows a thing or three. I know a slight/maybe big stretch but take Bet 365 for example - Denise Coates. Coates started out as cashier, marking up results in a small number of betting shops owned by her father, Peter, as a sideline to his main business of football stadium catering. After graduating with a first in econometrics – the application of statistical methods to economic data – from Sheffield University, she expanded the family’s Provincial Racing betting chain to nearly 50 shops. Now CEO of Bet365 her salary last year was 199 million pounds. The point I'm really trying making is wouldn't you hire for the position required. We have experts at ledgers, sending post and chucking heavy objects - whoever hired them the problem. Why (20 years ago and still to this date) wouldn't you hire an expert in betting/bookmaking/betting platforms???
  14. Its Here At Last MMile Time

    Might turn out to be a good draw. TT will have to burn very hard early - will tell the latter stages.
  15. Nz tab

    Petrol required by roundabout 99%. TAB in regards to racing - would there be 2% of population punting, the most important life line of the industry.