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  1. Nz tab

    Petrol required by roundabout 99%. TAB in regards to racing - would there be 2% of population punting, the most important life line of the industry.
  2. Blast from My Past

    Tony Perucich - hope I spelt it right
  3. Te Rapa Race 1

    Great run!
  4. Te Rapa Race 1

    Speaking of poor strike rates - might be first his win in the past 35 starts. #1 looks a moral if close to the turn
  5. Te Rapa Race 1

    Saver on Madam Woo?
  6. Firenze

    That's how you get the job as a Trackside presenter. Just ask the people from Taaauooobo and Dee Rapaa.
  7. Weather Update For Ellerslie

    Track could end up being a complete disaster. Watered 10mm yesterday with likely showers/rain this afternoon. Rail out 3m/ Out 5.5m from 1000 - 380 WTF - are they running around that underground ladder?? Here's hoping the track holds up.
  8. Next up written all over it

    ZANYETTA - oh dear, watch this last start video - what a nightmare ride. Wins the first tomorrow for fun.
  9. Next up written all over it

    All good - hope you got a little on
  10. Next up written all over it

    QUEEN SERENE - watch the video, absolutely bolting on the turn when clipping heels and falling
  11. Backing Horses or Humans?

    Without the punters you'll have no industry - running for ribbons. Personally, I like seeing the owners fall all over themselves.
  12. I thought racing was on a roll

    I thinks it's a great idea as usual by someone closely tied to the industry. It really makes you wonder if Dummy or Pittman ever decided to not support a certain meeting?
  13. 2018 Punting advice ?

    Don't ring the gambling help line. They fail to give you any winners!
  14. Mutunga Tap v Drumstrom

    Had a wee tickle on Drumstrom - thought it would lead after watching the first race where the leader and second horse fought out the race. For mine Matunga Tap was held the whole way down the straight, yes it was pushed wider but 100m out made no ground on the winner. There is NO WAY it was certain to pass the leader.
  15. Another weak Group II

    Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Help! You know I need someone Help!