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  1. Blue - a task for you

    Stan Pascoe - Trained Ginger Megs - was he Trained in Northland ?? And did he stand at Stud in Northland ???
  2. Cambridge Stud and Patrick Hogan

    HI There - are you able to put a Link up to that Article Please ??? I can't seen to find it, Cheers :-)
  3. Valmagne

    He would always have a retirement home at my place - in Sunny Northland :-)
  4. christen me

    He would always have a Home here to Retire to, up in Sunny Northland :-)
  5. Shane Hayes

    Sincere Condolences to all the Family :-/
  6. O.P ..GIGERNUTS...shut da gate

    I see he has a Full Brother in Training at the Moment as well :-)
  7. Trotting Annuals free

    Where about is Pick Up Please ? :-)
  8. Race fixing allegations

    Was talking to him a month or so ago, he is living in Hamilton, and has 3 - 4 Horses at the Te Awamutu Race Track :-)
  9. La Doisa

    My Understanding is, she is going to Oz :-)
  10. Anyone else missing them.....

    Are you able to put a link up to that Story please Tom, Cheers :-)
  11. Pentire

    I've have a Pentire Colt and Filly, full Brother and Sister, both had Wonderful Manners :-)
  12. Power

    Yes, My Girlfriend is sending 2 mares to him this upcoming season :-)
  13. Brand Enquiry

    Hi again, I have just re read my post, what i meant to say was, NP is Newbury Park Brand, but they don't have anything born in 2008. I have put the Brand on the TB Brand FaceBook page, and have still run into a roadblock. Will keep you informed, Cheers :-)
  14. Hello, track inspection

    Can I be Facetious in saying that the Trots are never called off at Auckland ??? :-/
  15. Brand Enquiry

    Hi Guys, have run into a road block with this guy, have rung Newbury Park Stud, spoke to a nice lady, but they have no such Brand. Will keep you updated if I find anything else out, Cheers, Slim :-)