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  1. silly comments man

  2. Harry Potter and trottech

    Godlike stuff from Fitzy. Serious question - does this service justify the somewhat exorbitant salary he's on? Is it being marketed effectively? I would say no.
  3. WasThe Owner Framed???

    They found out by bush telegraph because someone overheard an RIU member talking about it on the phone at the races shortly after the results were returned.
  4. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    There was only 9 wins available
  5. Shez All Rock

    It was reported by Adam Hamilton on HRNZ on April 23. The other crowd just lift everything off HRNZ. Credit where it is due. https://www.hrnz.co.nz/news-and-events/latest-news/6816-shez-rocking-towards-nz

    1) Frank is a voter. 2) Voting has already closed. 3) Elle Mac won two Group 1 races while Dizzy Miss Lizzy won one. 4) Elle Mac set two New Zealand records.
  7. North Harbour Training Complex.

    Pretty sure Colin Evans is training horses there at the moment.
  8. Box Seat: 3 Year Old Ruby Shambolic Start

    The starter was questioned, though it wasn't noted in the report. You can't push a false start for horses slow up to arm, provided no other horses are inconvenienced by their slugishness. Given it was all the second line horses effected, there was no reason to call a false start. They should have all been aware of the miobile leaving and get on the gate. Not hard, is it?
  9. Box Seat: What to do with the Jewels?

    I am by no means a Guerin apologist, but I was on course on Saturday and it WAS flat, and for those on course it was a very poor viewing spectacle due to the size of the track and the distance from the grandstand to the winning post. You guys are being foolhardy suggesting it shouldn't be considered for other locations.
  10. Inquiry?

    Rasmussen went on a holiday to Thailand immediately after the meeting. That being said, I don't understand why it couldn't have been tended to on the same night. According to Dave McCarthy, she has been cleared of any wrongdoing today.
  11. 7k on Hillarious Magic @$3??

    Sorry to see you go, Brodie. I valued what you said and I know you are actually correct in what you say. You cop a lot of heat, most of it unfounded. Go well.
  12. 7k on Hillarious Magic @$3??

    I don't disagree that he probably is the better of the two horses but I also don't think Ace High is as good as you seem to believe.
  13. Having read watch hsvman has said, can you now concede that all was not as cut and dried as HRNZ made out re consultation?
  14. Newmarket, you are somewhat misinformed here. There was evidence, in print, that all was not as it seemed re the Horseman's Association supposed support of this movement. Mark Jones was especially outspoken on the matter.
  15. Rowe cup (sorry)

    you mean Realmein?