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Australian Selections and Punting Articles

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    • And it has continued FU...have a look at the results/ videos from the Interdoms on the other thread and see how many have NZ next to the name.....still winning plenty too....
    • Correct Mr S. We put a hell of a lot of effort into that Interdom which was ruined by Christian Cullen having to pull out. That "walk around the Park" final was a huge disappointment as a spectacle as nothing took Sir Vancelot on at any stage and it was just a sprint home.
    • Selections for today's sole New Zealand meeting. View the full article
    • If you read again never said he was or ever think it, was referring to Ricky May's drive, the one that Brian Hancock said primarily  gifted him the race.  He remarked that he had expected some fight from the Kiwis and got none.  From memory Iraklis  straight away gave up the lead to Sir Vancelot and Ricky May said later he knew in  doing that he realised his chance of winning the race  had evaporated.
    • I don't think anyone was diminishing Lazarus Harewood. Personally I found it much more interesting seeing a group of talented open class horses race against each other rather than one super dominant horse. I tend to be a punter and $1.10 favs just don't do much for me. Racing actually needs competitive racing to generate turnover, rather than dominant favs. That doesn't mean I don't apreciate how good Lazarus is. And you can't compare horses from different eras as the breed improves and tracks get faster. Some of us can remember how the 2 minute mile barrier was quite some thing. The true test of how good he is will be when CT Horse Stopper discovers him and starts tipping him out. Then we we see if he is a champion or not.
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