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  2. Can't trust those Aussies......

    Makes you wonder how much of it goes on.in NZ.Am i naive in thinking not much.Although at times i do wonder.
  3. Roger Federer.....the GOAT !

    You seem to be fishing here Tassie But the fish aren't biting
  4. Open class pacers

    Unfortunately you don't seem to get the shock results in the cup races where anything had a chance the good cattle is very thin on the ground, lots of fantastic intermediate pacers around though.
  5. Couldn't be.could it.

    How low can we go.let's really get stuck in and aim for 20. It's like telethon.let's keep aiming for more.scratching that is.there doesn't seem even the slightest worry from the top.
  6. Found at Waimate Racecourse - blast from the past!

    I was at Waimate for the Waimate Cup the day Caparo and kopara, or names much like that, both raced in it. The commentator, may have been Rob Fielder, was very precise with his pronunciation. May have been that same day and perhaps that race that he called totally the wrong horse running second, got the colours wrong. I recall that because I backed the horse that did run second and I knew my colours in those days. I also got a winner paying close to $100 there one day, Heart of the Desert. At least when I look back I remember it being $100, probably $20.
  7. Couldn't be.could it.

    One of them was a cinch to get scratched - it was a dual acceptor
  8. Simon says "the whip rule is a farce"

    Oh so it is personal then.
  9. Nat to drive Laz in MM

    He was asking when your last G1 was that you had trained a horse for or driven in.. Not if you had backed it. It was slightly facetious but begs a reply.
  10. Open class pacers

    I have a 10 win horse.in the old days he would have been in ahead of a lot of good pacers who had won 9 and weren't eligible.had the trail last start and went 2.50.just as well they changed the rules.there wouldn't be a cup.
  11. Couldn't be.could it.

    29 pacers now. Anymore bids ladies and gentleman.do we hear 28?
  12. Nat to drive Laz in MM

    Thanks professor, but they Wouldn't be paying them much without revenue from the punter.
  13. Today
  14. War Admiral

    War Admiral is a good trotter racing down in Southland. They are a pretty average lot that he has been racing against at the moment as Spotlight The Valley ran second to him on Sunday, and it would not be competitive racing against Canterbury horses. WaR Admiral being young will probably improve with age being so big, but wouldn’t be getting that carried away at the moment as we know how the Williamson trotters are superior down south, and yet are only competitive inChristchurch when they come up!
  15. Can't trust those Aussies......

    The big worry is that this is at the pointy end of the Industry Trumpy, rather than the Country/Bush where you might expect it.
  16. War Admiral

    Currently 8 starts for 3 wins. Big horse for a 3yr old who DD has driven in all of his s tarts. Be very interesting to watch his progress off his current 64 rating against those tough older trotters down south.
  17. Trump written off

    No unfortunately, they just show how many hate this prick. And the numbers get bigger by the day....
  18. Nat to drive Laz in MM

    Do owners not pay driving and jockeys fees anymore.
  19. Open class pacers

    Agree Flag. Racing has changed so much from earlier days, with composition and breed of horse these days much different. Back in the "Old Days" it was considered necessary to be running and winning in Open Class races in August to win the Cup. Now days it can be done in the month before the Cup on two or three races. I have have just checked Stridemaster times for last years Cup, and the horse that ran slowest last mile, still ran 1.55.55. Also interesting, that the official time for the winner, as resulted for the 3200 metres was 3.55, but Stride Master clocks in at 3.53.58. Cheers. Robert.
  20. Open class pacers

    Don't forget Cardigan Bay
  21. Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    All in the timing
  22. General consensus at the time, he shouldn't have lost the race, a very tough call, he certainly was a tough buggar, always good to remember these horses, because there will never be another like him from that area, don't think the dam left to much else, mixed herbs her name, by kurdistan from memory. i wonder if waimate will ever race back on their course again.
  23. Open class pacers

    Are you joking - go and look at his races when he when to war against the Ray Green horse (who had to go out for a spell to recover)
  24. Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    Feel free to join the chuckle party H man,life for some of us is not so serious and when you get Kotare going its always fun
  25. Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    Wow, that took a while and was very mellow by your usual standards
  26. Nat to drive Laz in MM

    have trained a lot of winners and are group one winning owner
  27. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Your up against it with FU and HTP- good luck even though you have presented enough evidence and fact sheets to convince most. Ill take a guess and say that they both have issues with a particularly successful stable
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