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  2. Matamata abandoned

    Yes Graeme does the job right but don't know how you judge him possibly the best, anyway you say the horse was scratchy in prelim but you say it slipped with a hind leg as normally horses that are scratchy are in the front legs and if you didn't know this also horses can slip over losing the footing with back legs it called the laws of gravity.
  3. Dead baiting NSW

    On the Subject off animal welfare ,,if i may put forward <<Pig Hunting a great KIWI man past time,dogs chasing pig.grabbing ripping into pig .until the hunter,s turn up to cut throat.and we all remember the TV Series on it so no input from the SPCA there ?.
  4. Emma

    More dogs on the way ???
  5. "Northern" Kawi

    Mmmm.....Consensus won it last year......but hey you don’t trade in the currency of facts......
  6. Yes obviously Scott Dickson from Hunterville, that is an amateurish mistake to make.
  7. Today
  8. "Northern" Kawi

    Old mate Paddy the Legend hasn't won north of Taranaki has he?
  9. "Northern" Kawi

    Woops as you were! Of course Consensus won it last year....how could we forget!
  10. "Northern" Kawi

    When's Sharrock leaving for Melbourne? he seemed adamant NZ racing was all doomed and he was off?
  11. "Northern" Kawi

    It will be the same old northern battlers going around chasing authentic paddy
  12. "Northern" Kawi

    that was a 400m sprint race race 2 years ago
  13. "Northern" Kawi

    Won the Zabeel last year after missing the start - I guess doesn't need to do it again.
  14. "Northern" Kawi

    Will never be seen over anything more than a mile if Red sticks to his guns.1800 at Perth assisted him making that decision
  15. Lazarus vs Chokin

    Jack - you mean wonder how the WA pacing ranks would cope without the influx of NZ stock
  16. "Northern" Kawi

    smart move. Ellerslie is horses for courses you either love it or its a pig. Wont get beaten at Trentham
  17. Lazarus vs Chokin

    I often wonder how the NZ pacing ranks would cope without the influx of WA cash!
  18. Oh Ho It's on!

    Sorry about double post tried to edit and got posted twice. Trying to delete altogether didn't work.
  19. 26-day suspension!

    Not unlike a few other kiwis when they threw Hes Remarkable out a few years back R James was furious
  20. Oh Ho It's on!

  21. Oh Ho It's on!

    Sir Vancelot hadn't gone that good for him in the heats, in fact I think he needed to run 4th in last heat just to make the final. Some Australians I met up with had come over to support him and were furious when Hancock got him stuck on rails and got called in 5th . Called him for everything and then call got changed to 4th and he squeaked into the final , so you could say but for a matter of a half a head, Iriklis would in all probability have won the Interdom. After that race I've never seen so many disgusted people leaving the course early and they were holding nothing back - basically that if we gave up our big races like that without even an effort, they wouldn't be bothered returning.
  22. Where's Winnie???

    Exchange betting using a facilitator and block chain technology must be a grave concern to global racing jurisdictions. How can you prepare for it, and capitalise on it though Berri ? Does having so much hydroelectricity to drive the technology give us a global edge ?
  23. Lazarus vs Chokin

    In fact, any given night at Glouchester Park and have a look at the NZ moniker next to the names. I sometimes wonder how WA pacing ranks would cope if it wasnt for the influx of Kiwi horses.
  24. "Northern" Kawi

    What a surprise that is !!
  25. Obviously Scott Dickson from Hunterville. Wont be happy they cant even spell his name.........................
  26. Trackside coverage

    Just watched the dogzone which reviewed the Wanganui dogs from last Friday. There it was,a replay of the dash for cash. The presenters reviewed the race in a respectful yet transparent way as you would expect from the 2 quality broadcasters that presented that show. Judging by many comments on here most would have chosen to turn their tvs off,either that or they have double standards. It does highlight tracksides inconsistent coverage.
  27. Where's Winnie???

    So you are saying that legislation should be passed to stop a New Zealander betting with an offshore agency on NON NZ racing? Of so protectionism at its worst!
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