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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106

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  2. Why don't you ring up the trainer? Who else can answer your question.?
  3. Hi Berri, Your great vision and ideas are appreciated. A lot of us, like yourself, want to move our sport if not forward, at least consolidate and update what is needed to keep thoroughbred racing. Harness Racing has been using all weather tracks for over 50 years, and surely their overseas track consultants could assist Thoroughbred Racing? I have seen a harness track be groomed for World Class Speedway one night and ready for workouts the next day. Cheers. Robert.
  4. HABIBIES HAPPY TO PLAY THE LOT.....must beat some dreamers
  5. Methinks the Board should call for an independent audit of the NZRB with special focus on Ms Hughes and the recent deals made with Paddy Power and OpenBet, the US gaming group which no one in the industry has heard of. One would also imagine the Board would be calling for the immediate resignation of Ms Hughes, With the image problems the sport continues to face and plummeting popularity with the NZ public (now less than 3%), it not only has to BE clean it has to be SEEN to be super squeaky clean, so bye bye Glenda, it's been good to know ya (not at all actually). And good luck to Mr Saundry. My sources say he is a smart operator which is good although Midget is right he shouldn't buy a house because i'm sure he has no idea what a complete bunch of idiots he will be working for/with in Petone.
  6. Mattusie - perhaps these machines are 4WD - damned if I know. I'm no expert, but with all the weight over and beyond the back axle this may negate any advantage of a 4WD.
  7. Jack - forgetting whether a 'disaster" was narrowly averted - do you then think there was "human" error on the part of the starter. i.e. because the ground was slippery, should he have increased the speed of the mobile a lot earlier and in fact at the point of despatch been some distance ahead of the field due to his speed. By doing this he would not have had to suddenly apply the power meaning the mobile would have had ample traction for some distance from the start. Incidentally also remember that each "unit" had two pair of eyes meaning the horses I imagine would not have charged the arms willy nilly. You see this often when a false start is called under normal circumstances. The Pukekohe incident was far more "frightening" as it occurred some distance after the start and the mobile actually rotated.
  8. Hope these are not your budgie smugglers VS, if they are, I've got news for you
  9. Fair enough we'll take that, might as well play our joker too
  10. NO - appears official .... the Habibies play 2 games this weekend and the good guys get a bye
  11. John Bary won't hesitate to bypass the early domestic spring features with his stable star Miss Wilson. View the full article
  12. Michael Pitman is following the advice of national jockeysâ premiership front-runner Chris Johnson with the consistent performer Flying Ibis. View the full article
  13. Hate to be the bearer of bad news Peter, but you have the Habibes in twice in Games C and D, need to sub in the Reapers in Game C
  14. What has happened to Swimming Goat. ??
  15. Today
  16. Like a earlier post , have wondered for ages why they don't simply have 4 WD vehicles , on grass tracks or wet weather .Takes a lot more of the risk out of the equation .
  17. Hopefully that's correct now. I don't have any hair left on a busy day here...
  18. Storm warning and spare some time were not in Friday night? Those times look more like Auckland times than Wanganui times aswell
  19. Three quarters of the problem isn't with whether to hold racing on all weather tracks per se, its with tracks that have shite surfaces that when it rains the tracks become unsafe. I've posted a method for changing this but no-one has made contact so I would suggest that either 1. No-one is interested; or 2. No-one that is interested reads the content of this site. In relation to jumping races, given the mandate to run them, own the media imprint, and obtain industry support to restructure racetracks and the racing calendar, I would propose to fund, manage and operate a series of jumping competitions over a six month period each year. If anyone wants to join the tribe to get it done, you know where to get hold of me. Someone needs to pick up the mantle.
  20. Space wonât be at a premium in northern jockeysâ rooms between now and the end of the season. View the full article
  21. Thanks VS - what a nightmare ! Damn @$&#@!&$!. I will endeavour to fix...
  22. play offs either way we do some damage
  23. I have a feeling that you guys may be the team that can upset The Reds... I think the draw may favour you also....
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  25. PJ - no running away from the Reapers now I think you will find they finished 6th and should be playing your Harmadillos with the Dreamers playing the Habibies as per Johns revised order above
  26. Of course the Grim Reapers like Sudden death - especially when we get to play those pesky Reds
  27. The incident was a hairs breadth awake from being a disaster. A mixture of driver skill and sheer good fortune saved the day. If the mobile had turned a few more degrees, it was gone, along with half a dozen horses and drivers. To fob it off as an acceptable risk is equal parts naivety and stupidity! It's always amazed me the type of vehicle used in NZ for mobile barriers. A ute is pretty much a sedan chassis with a bit of extra suspension. Certainly not designed for having a 20m wide mobile arm hanging way off the back of it. The base vehicle should be a light truck capable of bearing the load with ease, especially under adverse weather conditions. The stipes report puts the incident down to a "loss of traction". Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a "loss of steering" due to excessive overhanging load behind the rear axle. The front wheels simply lost contact with the ground under acceleration. Even in dry conditions, the front wheels have miminal contact with the ground when the arms are fully extended. That contact with the ground becomes less and less as you increase speed and as the track gets wetter, to the point where we see what happened yesterday. The track conditions (on all weather tracks at least) would be virtually irrelevant if an appropriately load rated vehicle was used, instead of a modified family sedan!
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