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  2. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Hardwicke is, followed by The Ascot Gold Cup
  3. Pogo Gets Ridden By A Kiwi!

    Love to see him getting flogged for 3 furlongs.
  4. Pogo Gets Ridden By A Kiwi!

    That old Aussie gelding couldn't beat home the Ambulance. The next 3 x races would be delayed. No will to win.....ask Black Caviar !
  5. Just get on ! M41 R2 Ascot Races (UK) Start time: 02.05, 20 Jun 2018 19 Pogo - James McDonald (NZ)
  6. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Would the Ascot Stakes be the world's champion Jumpers' Flat?
  7. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Group One Commonwealth Cup favourite Equilateral looms as James McDonald's most important ride at Royal Ascot but the Sydney-based jockey is also excited to don The Queen's famous colours in another race during the meeting. McDonald is expected to have rides on all five days of the Royal meeting which begins on Tuesday night (AEST) and is set to ride the Charlie Hills-trained Equilateral in Friday's Commonwealth Cup. Equilateral is the general 4/1 favourite and McDonald is expecting a good showing. "I've got a good book of rides over the week so hopefully one will salute," McDonald told RSN927. "I think Friday is my best day and obviously Equilateral is going around that day. "He's a sprinter that everyone holds in high regard and hopefully he salutes, but he's got a bit of a task in front of him. It's not going to be an easy race but he's going really well." McDonald is scheduled to ride Elector for The Queen in the King Edward VII Stakes on Friday's program. "On Friday I've got a ride for the Queen. It's trained by Sir Michael Stoute and honestly I'm pretty buzzing about having a ride in her colours in front of her," McDonald said. "She will come down in the mounting yard and hopefully that horse will run really well." McDonald only returned to race riding last month after serving an 18-month disqualification for a betting offence. He has ridden at Royal Ascot before but will be chasing his first win at the meeting, starting with two rides on Tuesday. "It's pretty incredible," he said. "It's not about prize money, it's all about prestige. "Obviously the Queen turns up, and it's basically her meeting. "It's just an incredible feeling. I think it's one of the best (carnivals) in the world, apart from a couple of ours. "Every race feels like a Group One and there's not many carnivals in the world that feel like that."
  8. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    I have huge respect for the Scat Daddy horses. I like that Sergei Prokofiev in the Coventry Stakes. I also liked Prokofiev's Troika from his Lieutenant Kije composition, which was the background music to that children's story I used to listen to as a primary school child, "Diana and the Golden Apples."
  9. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Went and saw Black Caviar run here in 2012. Great atmosphere and truly one of the great racecourses in the world. Looking forward to the coverage and hoping J Mac can get up.
  10. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    And he never hung onto it's mouth to regain his seat, he's got his hand through the breastplate strap, that's even better horsemanship.
  11. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    yeh I would have ended up facing its tail.
  12. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Yes like to see J Mac riding Pogo all the way up the Ascot straight. Like to watch that from near to the fence. Teach the Ozi a lesson
  13. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    Marginally ahead of the ambulance it’s 100/1 They must have left a zero off , n?
  14. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    I ll be watching McDonald pumping pogo all the ways up the straight , n0? must be an omen bets
  15. Which studs will Messara shut down ?

    are you on the red again?
  16. And which stallions will he send to the knackers yard ? This’ll be good for NZ, a fresh way of thinking from one of Australia’s leading stud masters who’s about to change the NZ horse scene.
  17. How did we let this happen?

    Agree and as I said to Greg Kerr at the silver collar meeting ..fine wait for the spca on live baiting but there is no reason not to charge them on dead baiting under our rules pending the live baiting.. ..it is so clear even stevie wonder can see that....more head in the sand stuff from our board when it suits....it will bite them in the bun in the finish .
  18. How did we let this happen?

    Totally agree with both comments above. I could not believe that the club reps signed away our rights so willingly. A million dollar industry with no member representation what so ever. Who does that? The apathy was deafening! Shame! Also totally agree with you Lowdown on the baiting debacle.
  19. Australian TAB

    Not at all Baz - you just need to get that chip off your shoulder!
  20. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Only a decent jockey would have noted that
  21. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    Watch Seven Sharp tonight.
  22. How did we let this happen?

    You know the biggest problem is ego...we have a majority of people in the sport now that never fought for anything..and think there's a living in it...most young ones don't and will never own a property because they are not prepared to work in a real job and get one...greyhound racing will not provide that unless it's a hand me down.....geez if they knew why greyhound racing is at manukau now and how much some went through to make sure it stayed ...there is not one of them would put that effort in...like our head office and our board and our failed lp rep they take it for granted...they think succes is in a computer...not hard graf.....
  23. Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    What I noted. Was he actually got back on from the Off-Side. Any of you Caffers ever tried it?
  24. How did we let this happen?

    Too many people (LP's) burying their heads in the sand and looking after their own backs, like you say without a whimper. Doing the wrong thing instead of the right thing, staying quiet when people needed to speak up. Example you mention LP Rep, the last Election was a shambles, it was simply an exercise to get rid of the position!! the CEO and Chairman at that time were caught out with some dodgy dealings, G Calverly was always to stay on board regardless of how few votes he got!! and if LPs really gave a shit about stamping out corruption and power tripping from the top, that was one time to speak up and do it! but they rolled over and accepted lies, thus the powers continued on milking their respective agendas to the maximum knowing that if LPs stand for nothing they'll fall for everything! Those men have now jumped off a damaged ship with their own personal agendas beautifully executed. Also theres LP's that could've and should've spoken up during the recent media/SPCA attention around live/dead baiting, you know who you are, but again people going quiet, looking after their own interests, they might think that's the best thing for industry but it's not, it's not fair on those telling the TRUTH, not to mention those who abide by the rules. Also during that time I would've liked to hear a 'straight' high profile trainer come out and just make a statement along lines... "I dont do this" but no just SILENCE from within!! We remember how it looked when media got SILENCE then got booted off course? The industry has and will continue to suffer a lot, but not because of the actions of bad people but because of the silence of good people! As Martin Luther King Jnr once said "there comes a time when silence is betrayal".
  25. Thanks Trackside for Ascot Coveredge

    That US mare Lady Aurelia will be hard to beat again RR. That Merchant Navy - Redkirk W clash will be a good one. O'Brien and Moore always worth following at these meetings. For interest, some UK tipsters below. The UK's best press tipsters' have provided their 'nap bets' for Tuesday's opening day of the famous Royal Ascotmeeting. The 'Naps' list provides the best bets from sections of the British press and offers them on a daily basis. Racenet has cut the list to show only the best Royal Ascot tips and how each tipster has performed throughout the year. This season's leading tipster, Racing Post – Lambourn is tipping the $6.50 chance Tip Two Win in Race 4 – the Group I St James’s Palace Stakes (7f 213y). The most popular horse among tipsters is Recoletos at $6 in Race 1 - the Group I Queen Anne Stakes (1m). Here is the Naps table for Saturday – in race and profit/loss order. Horse Race No. Time (ADT) Tipster Sportsbetodds Profit/Loss of tipster this season Benbatl 1 3 11.30pm Irish Post - Karl Hedley $5.50 -$10.75 Benbatl 1 3 11.30pm Racing Post - Spotlight $5.50 -$16.58 Lord Glitters (FR) 1 8 11.30pm Sheffield Star - Fortunatus $23 $2.60 Recoletos (FR) 1 10 11.30pm Oxford Mail - Mark Edwards $6 -$3.65 Recoletos (FR) 1 10 11.30pm Yorkshire Post - The Duke $6 -$10.79 Recoletos (FR) 1 10 11.30pm Sunday Telegraph - Whistler $6 -$12.78 Recoletos (FR) 1 10 11.30pm The Guardian $6 -$19.34 Recoletos (FR) 1 10 11.30pm Sky Sports News - Alex Hammond $6 -$31.54 Suedois (FR) 1 12 11.30pm The Scotsman - Glendale $26 -$11.70 Rhododendron (IRE) 1 15 11.30pm The Press, York - Ebor $4 fav $13.18 Calyx 2 7 12.05am Racing Post - Newmarket $3.50 fav -$9.54 Cosmic Law (IRE) 2 8 12.05am Daily Post - Mercury $12 $3.07 Cosmic Law (IRE) 2 8 12.05am Western Morning News - West Tip $12 -$12.38 Sergei Prokofiev (CAN) 2 20 12.05am Yorkshire Evening Post - Lee Sobot $3.75 -$5.33 Sergei Prokofiev (CAN) 2 20 12.05am Shropshire Star - Andy Morris $3.75 -$20.77 The Irish Rover (IRE) 2 23 12.05am The Leader - Charlie Croasdale $15 -$17.25 Gifted Master (IRE) 3 5 12.40am Star - Andrew Bladen $51 -$29.04 Battle Of Jericho (USA) 3 12 12.40am Morning Star - Farringdon $81 -$22.33 Kings Shield (USA) 4 4 1.20am sportinglife.com $29 -$3.63 Romanised (IRE) 4 5 1.20am Racing Post - RP Ratings $6.50 -$6.72 Romanised (IRE) 4 5 1.20am Daily Record - Garry Owen $6.50 -$18.32 Tip Two Win 4 7 1.20am Racing Post - Lambourn $6.50 $15.76 U S Navy Flag (USA) 4 8 1.20am The Times - Rob Wright $6 $14.23 U S Navy Flag (USA) 4 8 1.20am Irish Daily Star - Brian Flanagan $6 $5.06 Without Parole 4 9 1.20am Glasgow Herald - PicksfromthePaddock $3.75 fav $12.01 Whiskey Sour (IRE) 5 1 2.00am Belfast Newsletter - Wise Owl $12 -$22.20 Whiskey Sour (IRE) 5 1 2.00am Sunday Mail - Rockavon $12 -$36.75 Hassle (IRE) 5 3 2.00am Racing UK - The Score $51 $8.73 Dubawi Fifty 5 5 2.00am Racing Post - The North $10 $10.25 Dubawi Fifty 5 5 2.00am Scottish Sun - Jim Delahunt $10 -$20.05 Chelkar (FR) 5 7 2.00am Daily Express - The Scout $7 -$8.65 Chelkar (FR) 5 7 2.00am Irish Herald - Ian Gaughran $7 -$26.05 Dannyday 5 8 2.00am Weekender - Paul Kealy $11 $10.83 Lagostovegas (IRE) 5 12 2.00am attheraces.com - Lawrence Taylor $11 -$9.63 Lagostovegas (IRE) 5 12 2.00am Racing Post - Postdata $11 -$26.38 Stratum 5 15 2.00am The Star $6 fav $14.30 Monarchs Glen 6 2 2.35am The Sun On Sunday - Sirius $12 -$9.76 Mirage Dancer 6 4 2.35am Scottish Express - Chris Goulding $5.50 fav $2.38 Autocratic 6 5 2.35am Racing and Football Outlook - Andrew Mount $17 -$24.13 Big Country (IRE) 6 6 2.35am Liverpool Echo - Chris Wright $19 -$15.93 Kidmenever (IRE) 6 8 2.35am Daily Mail - Robin Goodfellow $15 -$3.88 Laraaib (IRE) 6 9 2.35am The i - Jon Freeman $7.50 $3.79 Morando (FR) 6 10 2.35am Daily Mirror - Newsboy $12 $1.58 Sharja Bridge 6 13 2.35am The Sun - Templegate $7 $4.42
  26. John Jenkins highlights his number one selection in each of the seven races at Wednesday's Pukekohe meeting. View the full article
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