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  2. Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    An interesting topic. Chris Munce's criminal charge was concocted as though in being a jockey his information, and then betting, was insider trading. Bit of a stretch really, especially given 13 other runners! And surely the trainer is privy to far more information. The above betting exchange article is complete nonsense. The exchange exposes likely non-triers. Which begs the question of how well it is actually policed, with regards to a certain jockey who shell remain nameless.
  3. Oaks Selection Policy

    I am clean totally be careful aus has strict laws with internet
  4. Auckland Fields

    The Rowe Cup stake money seems small for its stature. What is the Dominion stake money?
  5. Jacinda Ardern

    You don't have to cut and paste for racing issues Ted because you have good racing knowledge
  6. Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda tells us to be "aspirational"--she has aspired to and now nearly reached the full status of a typical WINZ profile--AN UNMARRIED, ABSENTEE PARENT.( which she will be if she is doing her PM job properly, not remotely).
  7. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    In early as off to Perth (UK) races where they tell me the going will be soft and heavy in many places, then it’s pack the bags. R1 3 algne r2 4 Love affair r3. Star performance r4 1 not usual talent r5. 4 cote d’or r6. 6 chicane r7. 2 hanger r8. Showemup Thanks Col
  8. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    One winner like that and you'll be home and dry.
  9. New Track

    There is a new track actually... it's called Bit of a Yarn ... runs without a leaders bias
  10. Today
  11. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    Thought it was only reasonable I gave everyone the first two winners to kick the day off Blue. Especially seeing the first one is at $56
  12. Horrific fallers at Tauranga Race 2

    Very rare case. I don't think it sets any precedent. They'll be doing this through gritted teeth. NZ TAB don't do anything in good spirit.
  13. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    I like your Race 1 pic Col. A born gambler lol.
  14. Stewards Follow-Up - TIGER THOMPSON

    View the full article
  15. Oaks Selection Policy

    really you need to check things again or would you like me to post it with your approval
  16. Saturday Competition - Te Rapa Prize $200

    R1 - 4 Trisha Lea R2 - 4 Love affair R3- 12 Platinum Rapper R4 - 3 Lincoln Raider R5 - 1 Thee Auld Floozie R6- 12 Red Tsunami R7 - 1 The great southern R8- 13 I see red thanks cheers
  17. John Jenkins highlights his number one selection in each of the eight races at Friday’s Blenheim meeting. View the full article
  18. Craig "The Whale" Thompson highlights his three best runners at Addington tonight. View the full article
  19. Good Draws

    Hi FTM, I think the Auckland Trotting Club are to commended for their quick action on this unusual event. Of course, it was not an intentional act on anyones part, and just an unforeseen incident that happened. Cheers. Robert.
  20. Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    Just found this Dockers. Makes for interesting reading and again begs the question why he did it. http://www.scmp.com/sport/racing/article/2143450/state-art-technology-and-50bn-betting-exchange-how-jockey-club-caught
  21. Spirit Of Boom- What a start!

    Now I Am Invincible goes to A$192,500 this season. Started at $11,000 in 2010 for those keen to take a punt.
  22. Good Draws

    Only my guess - but with the Jewels looming, logic tells me she will be kept in work and most likely by swimming.
  23. Auckland Fields

    That dreaded disease is setting in though - it's called "Scratchings"
  24. A selection of New Zealand’s leading jockeys label their best rides of the weekend and, where applicable, last week’s result. View the full article
  25. R1 2=8 R2 2=3 BB R3 5=7 R4 7=8 R5 1=4 R6 6=12 BB R7 3=4 R8 1=7 R9 2=6 R10 2=6 All the best Ian you're going to need it AAs just glad we have qualified for the top 4, fields look tough, some big upsets on the cards, I think the final 4 will be AAs Betza Grand The Rubiks and Mainly $$$ cheers
  26. Auckland Fields

    Superb entries/fields for this weeks Grp 1 meeting. Something for all punters and enthusiasts to get excited about. I'm awaiting the oil from Iraklis who is the Racecafe guru at the Park
  27. Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    Just stupidity. Surely the Munce example was a template for any jockey thinking about doing this. Just crazy. No one knows what happens behind close doors I suppose and who has got there claws into these jockeys.
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