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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin

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  1. Past hour

    So about a third of the allotted amount left to invest.....(sounds way better than just $62.80) Hastings all up place be for $22 Race 4 #1 Collaborate / Race 5 #13 Orange Shore / Race 7 #1 King Krovanh / Race 8 #8 Nymph Monte. Bal. $40.80
  3. Another belt in the head

    Specsavers special needed....why would you refer to using my brains? Either the Caulfield Cup is mentioned in the Sports Headlines on Stuff or not. What's it going to be?
  4. Track bias farce

    It was a shocker Pogo - a good track made into a terrible track with a 6m rail - unbelievable
  5. M T Pockets

    Gore race 11. J Cox on Machie Mach. Hit from a long way out. However do think he was keeping the horse in the race , but faded late.
  6. Go Winnie

    Preferable that you pin them if you want to steer the political debate towards how it will affect racing
  7. Another belt in the head

    Stop the personal stuff...cheers.
  8. Track bias farce

    Caulfield yesterday is an example of course curators looking for a perfect surface and cocking up a big day leave the rail in the true position and let the jockeys avoid the chopped out section, again yesterday a leader railer bias that disadvantaged a majority of horses. Imagine owning a back marker, set for a big race and being served up the rubbish that was on show yesterday. give me a heavy track any day
  10. Go Winnie

    Not necessary as I am sure you will keep us updated
  11. Another belt in the head

    Idiot.use your brains for once
  12. Meeting Results Total Races:11 Total Wins:4 Total Spend:$22 Total Return:$42.90 Total Profit:$20.90 Season Totals Total Races:184 Total Wins:45 Total Spend:$368 Total Return:$359 Total Loss:$9
  13. Go Winnie

    That's why I think you should pin the Labour and NZ First Racing policies, so posters can easily keep an eye on what they are and what is being delivered. One of note, was from NZ First, concerning an urgent review of the costs and operation of the NZ Racing Board https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/nzlabour/pages/8556/attachments/original/1504503634/Racing_Policy.pdf?1504503634 http://www.nzfirst.org.nz/racing
  14. Jacinda Ardern

    Labour and NZF to abandon Kermadac sanctuary. Will be interesting to see how the Greens react,as i recall them applauding the Nats for this idea.
  15. Yea mate definitely huge runs by both.And yip they will be winning at short notice.
  16. Round The Traps

    Selections for today's domestic meetings. View the full article
  17. Go Winnie

    Guys this is a racing thread... move on or i will move it to where it should be.
  18. Another belt in the head

    Went back to have a look....no mention the Caulfield Cup in the sports headlines.....I didn't mean the racing section...read my post twit
  19. Another belt in the head

    Wasn't there before.....add to that the stakes race round up in the Racing Post....no mention of the results of the Group 3 at Rotorua....these marketing experts keep dropping it
  20. Go Winnie

    actually I have a very good knowledge of political history (I feel) having grown up in a true red (labour) family, which I resented, because our mp at that time was one aurther Faulkner. of mt roskill . I personally did not like him, think it was because one of my sisters had the misfortune of dating one of his sons (Rodney), he was a total wanker, so I against family voted values, as I wouldn't vote labour, couldn't vote national . and yes I've met the likes of Muldoon, mike moore,and even norm kirk, who compared to todays politcians, were just that, true politcians, that at least you could count on being somewhat honest and deleiver policies ., this lot today promise the world, deliever sweet fuck all. and as I may spend my time on the benefit is frankly none or your fuckin business, but I do spend it looking over history, that is why I have a good understanding of politics. although you may think differently , that's your opinion, not that , that counts much by me.i welcome the coalition with open arms and treat it like a breath of fresh air...9 years of national followed 2 terms of helen clark, the people on benefits,low income earners and the poor of this country can now foucus on their future, those living in cars in Auckland may just find a house they can afford to rent, to get the family unit up and running again, happy, and the children, feed and warm, we need to think of our own people not those poor, poor people immigrating to buy our land and houses from, poor old china.but hey, I stand for everything your against, so I really understand your stand on this, and more than likely your biased approach.
  21. Go Winnie

    This is what Peters was referring to, when he said capitalism had become the foe of a lot of NZer's, and we are not talking about the bottom rungs of society but the many semi skilled blue collar workers, who basically keep the country running. The redneck right whingers though, would have you believe they are just lazy bludgers who don't work hard enough, expect handouts, and that the world owes them a living
  22. Today
  23. In a thrilling, heart-pounding finish, the oldest runner in a field of eight came back in the last two strides to nip Robert Kinsley's Modem in the Far Hills Races' $400,000 Grand National by a nose. View the full article
  24. Melbourne cup shock news

    Reports that the cup will be run in an undesclosed city somewhere in Europe from 2020 n0? apparently it's up for the highest bidder and racing Victtoria says despite protests from local trainers they will save money from not subsiding blow ins may as well run it in Amsterdam or shantilly n0? 2017 betting import 1.o5
  25. Go Winnie

    Well in the industry I work in I hear many,many references to wages stagnating and being driven down because good hard working kiwis can easily be replaced by outsiders willing to work for cheaper wages. Add to that I know of several instances where I have been told by some very hard working people on working visas,that they feel they are being taken advantage of by local employers. Keeping a supply of cheaper labor coming in not only effects locals wages,it also effects those from overseas already here. Hard work used to be a way to get ahead in nz,now for many its just a way of treading water financially . Sure there are jobs which cant be filled by locals,sure there needs to be an attitude change by some younger kiwis in so far as work ethic and expectations ,sure we need proper govt. policy to produce workers with the skills needed, but focusing on those points as the only issues avoids addressing whats currently going on in the real world. From what I'm told by those from overseas,not the backpackers you refer to,i mean those working in the rest homes,the freezing works,the fish processing plant,the juice factory,the onion factory,the apple pickers, etc etc ,is they focus on sending any spare money they have back home. It does not get circulated anywhere to the same extent in the local economy as it does with locals. I even had the local national mp tell me one time it was a form of foreign aid. Maybe it is,however its being done at the expense of local kiwis. I think everyone should visit the salvation army and just see some of the backgrounds of those they are helping out. Lifes a genuine struggle for many.Thats why change was needed,and why Winston went with labour.
  26. He only got 7% of the vote so, thanks to MMP and on a proportional basis we can only realistically expect 7% better service than we've had before - which is F*** all!
  27. Another belt in the head

    What a load of crap. Have a proper look
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