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    • Yes , a well performed sire and one I certainly chased when trying to buy a share in a horse to win the Melbourne Cup ! But sired some very good sprinter/milers too.
    • I think this is an indication that there is a distinct lack of opportunity for Tim's horses in the area he trains in.. Because of the rating system and an apparent lack of catering for horses with limited ability e.g. older types or claimers his horses will be forced elsewhere. Therefore owners and their horses are not catered for ,the viewing and the betting public are not catered for either.Little point being happy with a 10 horse average field when 3 x trotting fields may have 13 horses while 3 pacing races have 7 horses giving an average of 10 and the rating bands get wider and the slower types not catered for.....no like v like . A slower horse has little to no show earning its keep....some head to Palmy North like yesterday where most of the winners were from Puke or Cambridge but thats not ideal. A few years ago  I was reluctant to sell horses I had a share in cos I knew that they had a chance to earn a bit of their keep but not now with the wide bands ....no chance.....I think in recent months Ive been pleased to see some 12 horses sold or retired , other shareholders getting frustrated too and some lost to sport. So little is done to stop this exit of participants.....add 8 or 9 Tim is looking to shift elsewhere and Northern trots has suddenly lost 20 horses that could have been racing regularly .A couple of that number injured ! A sad state of affairs ,but does anyone care ?
    • guess that explains how Rondel won an interdominion ?
    • And nothing changes. Way back in the late sixtys I was at Hutt Park one night, standing by the rail alongside the marshalling yard. And no it wasn't raining, I think the bro,s had forgotten to do their rain dance for once.  I clearly heard Peter Wolfendon ask from the seat of his cart " who's turn to win is it". It is one of the most endearing memorys of Hutt Park. The poor punter was up against it back then.
    • Geese PJ I thought you were busy. Rather infectious isn't it.
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