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    • Only In NZ.
      I wouldn't have known until I checked my TAB account if I hadn't have read this Biff. Cheers. I watched the race as I had backed Thee Auld Floozie and straight after the race (with her running home from a rear position into fourth) I went back and looked at the start. The horse drawn outside her reared and the gates opened and I took note that Danielle didn't move on Thee Auld Hussy to jump her out and as a result was slow away and of course ended up in the rear part of the field. I heard there was an enquiry into the start and went outside to do the paddocks with my earphones on to listen to the last.  The radio host whilst waiting for the last to jump gave the first four in the Breeders and named Thee Auld Floozie as the fourth horse so I thought she had been declared a runner. From the stipes report:   Late Scratchings: Race 7 Due to stalls opening slowly, the following horses were declared non-runners: SAVARIA; SOMETHINGVAIN; THEE AULD FLOOZIE; ETERNITY and MOCCONA MIST. These were the new gates also, so that is a concern.      
    • Only In NZ.
      Biff please help us as to what should have happened then?. 1) Are you suggesting the starter should have called a false start? 2) 4 of those late scr were inconvenienced by a milisec at most. 3) 1 horse charged up at the gates affecting those around him as the button was pressed, 4 of them were not easily identifiable as to an issue to long slow replays were displayed. 1 late scr yes, but 4 extras is a push to be honest.
    • Waitangi (observance) Day - Tauherenikau - two comps in one
      I will echo those sentiments. I am not saying which comp I was trying to win
    • Waitangi (observance) Day - Tauherenikau - two comps in one
      Bad luck Dave and thanks John. T'nikau never been a good track for me and I was actually trying to win the other comp but I'll take it ! haha...
    • New Stake rule
      Rule 58.1 in the new & old rule books are identical. New Rule Book = 58.1 Any Greyhound graded C2 and above which has competed three consecutive times in sprint/middle distance grade Races without receiving Prize Money for running 1st, 2nd or 3rd on one of these three occasions shall be downgraded one class.   How can that not answer the question. It clearly states 1st, 2nd or 3rd. If you receive prize money for running in 4th, that is not winning prize money for running 1st, 2nd or 3rd, is it?
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