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Australian Selections and Punting Articles

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    • LGL III - Round 2 (13 Feb) entries
      M12-R6-1   thanks team,all the best
    • Addington
      I used the term sand in a general sense. A quick qoogle of the term loam reviels the addington track is in fact loam as it is a combination of sand and clay, (of which I believe the clay to be a major cause of all problems).  I am well aware on how the tracks are prepared in America. I believe now they are, (at least at certain tracks) harrowed an groomed after each race. I am aware of the statistics on American race dogs having a lot longer racing careers. I have listened to Robert Britton talk at lengths about how American tracks are safer for being harrowed an then I talk to George Daily about it (another who frequents race tracks and sales in America regularly) and he tells me about a large breeder he visited over there. Has over 70 broods. And the majority of them walk around with slight limps from broken hocks. He believes harrowing the tracks so regularly is a step backwards and the cause of them.  I don't find your long jump example very relevant as the sand is only used for stopping not the surface being run on. Could you imagine an athlete leaping from the end of the track if it was sand. THIS is the point I was trying to make. The athlete would not have a stable base to plant their foot much like a dog wouldn't have a stable base to plant its foot round a bend if the track was loosend. I'd say if you were to compare dog racing to an athletic event it would be the hurdle race. They both go around bends at speed an the hurdles would somewhat replicate the checks a dog may get.    On on a side note as you talk of your experiences in America an the less injuries that occur, what percentage of races you handled in were less than 400m? Over 520 or equivalent how far was it to the winning post the first time and was the lure further in front when the boxes open (I've heard it is)?    James
    • Summer/Autumn Trans-Tasman Super Comp Rnd 4 Sat Feb 13 entries here
      Race 1 ... 7 & 8 ( 12 & 5 ) Race 2 ... 1 & 5 ( 13 & 2 ) BB Race 3 ... 3 & 4 ( 5 & 8 ) Race 4 ... 1 & 5 ( 6 & 2 ) Race 5 ...11 & 13 ( 3 & 2 ) Race 6 ... 8 & 11 ( 2 & 12 ) Race 7 ... 4 & 10 ( 3 & 1 ) Race 8 ... 1 & 4 ( 2 & 12 ) Race 9 ... 4 & 5 ( 11 & 7 ) BB Race 10 .. 6 & 7 ( 8 & 12 ) Good Luck Ray !!!!   HI TEAM  FERDIES !!! Lets Do This  
    • Addington
      It wasnt that long ago I would of agreed with you on this statement but......just lately Charles (yankiwi) I've begun to notice that some of the paragraphs you are writing reek of words similar to a reformed smoker, now that you have finished up as an owner and LP I almost get the impression your starting to turn against this sport? I certainly hope this is not the case as I respect you as a person and find your rulebook knowledge and interpretation very astute and informative. We have all had our ups and downs, bad buys and mis dealings in this sport but have not "turned against" it......aaron cross was born on the back of this very same scenario you know.
    • Summer/Autumn Trans-Tasman Super Comp Rnd 4 Sat Feb 13 entries here
      1-1,4 Bb 2-5,13 3-5-4-5,7 5-3,8bb 6-3,14 7-1,12 8-4,19 9-4,7 10-4,11   Cheers Pj All the best Howie
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