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    • Certainly can't RR....that story has gone viral around the World...whether you agree or not, it was a great sporting spectacle...
    • Thanks Pam, I see from the thread that 640 covers it and it's great that rule exists. Fair credit to Aaron and any jockey but especially a jump jockey deserves respect for their bravery. Not sure I'd be quite as impressed with this charitable interpretation  for example if I'd been owner of second and been paying good coin to get its jump ticket and it jumped round cleanly , or if I'd had 10 k on the nose of the second or maybe if something unfortunate had happened to jockey or horse later in race. Could have been bad headlines. But it didn't happen and all participants are well so a good news story for racing, that cannot be bad.
    • John Jenkins highlights his number one selection in each of the seven races at Thursday's Pukekohe meeting. View the full article
    • A one-term government? by Christie    Credit: SB Newshub came up with this article at the weekend, and I am really surprised by it. The fact that the media are even contemplating that this might be a one-term government nine months in is a death knell of epic proportions. At no stage in the Bolger, Clark or Key governments was there even a hint that they might only last one term. Each one was expected to last at least two terms and, as often happens in New Zealand, quite possibly three. If the media are already saying that this might be a one-term government, then so it will be. If it lasts until 2020. Quote: Actually, that is all you need to know. There is no question of taking into account the wishes of the voters. They have to brainwash people, and they may not have enough time to do it. What an arrogant attitude. But this government do arrogance in spades, even though they have only been in power for nine months. God help us if they were to last for nine years. Quote:   Another conversation. The proposed scrapping of the ‘three strikes’ law is a typical case of ideology over practicality. It sounds nice to have fewer people in prison for less time, but the voting public want to be kept safe. Watch Andrew Little continue to push this one ahead. He will do this at the peril of losing the voters, but that doesn’t matter. His ideology says it must be done, and ideology is everything to this government. Quote: Just as she wants business to be onside while she destroys whole sectors of it! The last government were making inroads into improving young people’s lives, but guess what? All of that has been stopped because it did not fit ideologically with Labour’s programme. Quote: Now let me just apply a tiny bit of mathematics to that statement. A static crime rate and an increasing prison population mean an increasing general population. It is a shame we are importing criminals, but that is what is going on. If we want to reduce the prison population, how about we start by importing only people of good character? How about deporting those who do not have citizenship yet but have broken the law? That would start to reduce the prison population without having to let scumbags back out on to the street. Nobody wants that, except Labour. But my real purpose in writing this article is this. The media and the prime minister are already talking about this being a one-term government. That is unprecedented. If we are already talking about it just nine months in, I think it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy before long.
    • It's against the rules here too....but what great theatre would have been denied, in this instance. Thankfully both horse and rider A.O.K.
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