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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.  The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106


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    • Ah Barryb!  What about the billions of dollars we pay every year in premiums?  I recently read an article about the payouts on disability insurance(ie income protection) policies in this country - they were complaining because the payout was more than 20c in the dollar of premium received.  Now John Allen and his crew would be proud of a takeout like that! You don't think(for instance) the Crombie Lockwood principals(who admittedly no longer own the company) got to be on the rich list through sheer luck do you?   Insurance is a (necessary) rort.  NZ Racing would be better to set its own insurance company up just like the Clubs would be better off setting up their own gaming agency.  
    • Obviously you and I were watching different races. In the one I watched there was never enough room for Piccadilly Princess to take the gap she was eventually gifted, until the stablemate took a "hard right". All Stars went into the race knowing full well that Piccadilly Princess had to win or at the very least run second to get into the Jewels field. This probably also explains why Waikiki Beach got into Classie Brigade so far from home. But no doubt, if The Box Seat, aka "The All Stars PR Dept", is anything to go by, the enquiry is all but dead and buried already.
    • I thought,(although not 100% sure)  that part of the reason they have the current relegation rule was to bring it into line with Australia.          If we accept ms rasmussen did not deliberately drive her horse into the path of the inside horses,then I think we should be excluding the all star factor of the argument.          Don't think micky g will be getting a job as a stipe after his comments about the Piccadilly  princess race. I still think it may be hard to prove her actions in that race  were deliberate, although I agree they looked to be.    Instead of asking micky g what he thought I would have liked to hear what the big fish and the pope thought.
    • True, another story I could tell about starters from years gone by where I was draw 3 and a false start was declared and I was sent to the outside for nothing, I said to the starter what did I do, he said take it up with the stipes after the race, I said to damn late after the race. because I was annoyed I shot over to the inside of the second row to get a better run and I was called into the stipes for being out of position in the second run up, so I asked the stipes what I had done wrong in the first run up and they said nothing that they could see. I asked what they where going to do about it and they said they would reprimand the starter. OUCH! They still fined me for being out of position in the second run up. Senario, trainer, owner, punter and driver not given a fair go and no one held accountable?        
    • Fair enough . Bit of banter apologise for not realising you would take it so serious. I've been privy to Teds free Raceday analysis for the last couple of years and he does his homework especially his ability to pick the eyes out of trials and tip first up winners. 
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