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      Further to the message below - while watching back to back RWC games I kicked off the upgrade to the new and improved software platform.  I was getting pissed off with all the bugs and so have chosen improved functionality over look and feel in the short term. RaceCafe will run a little slowly for awhile as the database re-indexes and while I optimise every option.  However you will see an immediate improvement in the way things work e.g. no more issues with funny html codes showing up in posts. Try accessing RaceCafe on a mobile device now - it looks awesome!!!! What's next?  Everyday you come back in you will see something different - cosmetically things will slowly change to our own custom colours.  Also new blocks of functionality on the front page, guest blogs, menu reshaping and so on and so on. Enjoy the experience - please contact admin@racecafe.co.nz if you have issues logging in.   Hi All Well Spring is here and RaceCafe is due for another makeover.  We will be upgrading the site over the next couple of weeks. The upgrade will fix a number of bugs that have been annoying us all, a much improved performance in terms of speed, a complete mobile device experience and most importantly a new more robust platform on which to build new services. In the short term you will see a big improvement in functionality but with less pretty looks and over time the latter will be improved as new services are added. IMPORTANT: The upgraded platform relies on you remembering exactly your Display Name and Password - please note these down. In testing phase the cutover has been relatively straightforward with no loss of user access i.e. you username and password as they currently are will continue to work. However if you have been using your email address to log in this may not work. If you have any problems please email admin@racecafe.co.nz Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to providing a much improved service and great features over the coming weeks.
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      Hi All Well the indexing of the database has finished and you will have noticed an improvement in speed.  Still some more tweaks to do with regard to performance.  Keep an eye on the announcements at the top of the page as we introduce new functionality and features. TIP ONE: On the topic list page If you click on the time underneath the last poster it will take you to the last post. TIP TWO: If you hover your mouse pointer over the title of the topic a popup box will emerge - it has the first and last post in it. TIP THREE: After you have clicked on topic and read to the bottom of the posts you will see at the bottom of the page on the right some text saying Next Unread Topic (in bold) with the topic title shaded underneath.  If you click on this area it will take you to the Next Unread Topic that YOU haven't read. Enjoy.
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      Some of you have experienced issues with logging in.  First step is to clear your browser cache and then click on http://www.racecafe.co.nz


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    • How do the All Blacks beat Australia?
      By jimsmith · Posted
      Mike Hosking aka Mr Wonderful and by far the best journalist on planet earth has requested that New Zealanders stop moaning about the performances of the All Blacks at this world cup.  Hosking feels people need to value his input while devaluing their own. A keen rugby man has pointed out how impressive the AB's were in pool play when they previously won the cup and how unimpressive they have been in this world cup pool play and those same people are only expressing concern after seeing the writing on the wall. Hosking however is adamant he knows best and people should either applaud the All Blacks or say nothing.
    • Why can't I multi one horse in two races?
      By lecithin · Posted
      Yes, you're right that if you take a different horse in 2 legs of a feature race double and both horses were running in both legs, all things being equal, it would be reasonable to expect slightly higher than the multiplied odds.  However, we're talking about "bookmakers" here so they are more than happy to lay bets at lower odds than what they should be, but they aren't the slightest bit interested in laying bets at over the true odds, which is why they generally don't allow same horse doubles at multiplied odds.
    • Monday Trivia For The Oldies
      By hesi · Posted
    • Monday Trivia For The Oldies
      By hesi · Posted
      was there the day Uncle won the derby at Ell Top tier pub gstand Only time  crowd has stood to every last man and woman and applauded as he went about half a mile clear at the straight entrance
    • Why can't I multi one horse in two races?
      By Steve Donovan · Posted
      That is a very good answer Lecithin, in mathematical probability terms, given that a is true, what is the probability of b. Not wishing to be too repetitive, though the bookies ( I use that in the very broadest meaning of the word as far as NZ goes) will be offering higher odds on almost all of those horses who finish down the track behind our horse who won, in fact several of those horses may be withdrawn from event b. All of that benefit accrues to the bookie.
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