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    • Really?  Invest multi millions in a racecourse in Rotorua for 5-10 busloads of Chinese tourists most of whom won't be interested in racing??   Surely if a Chinese person wanted to go on a racing trip they'd go to Hong Kong.  
    • If that is the case then thanks for the ride, and knowing me, I bought the beers.. I still go to Lexington, still buy the odd nag when I'm overcome by a streak of stupidity but my nags seem to do OK. I enjoy smart debate and banter and do this site for entertainment....nothing really spins my head and its all a case of jollies....I call things as I see them with no axe to grind but don't suffer fools or people who twist the truth or are not genuine. What you see is what you get with me. You need to choose your words more carefully or you will have a blunderbuss like me come charging through the gateway. We could kiss and make up if you play the game straight. In respect of mardigras, no-one can predict what any government will do. That's like predicting Donald Trump's next move. I've been immersed in betting systems for years and know a little bit to make some sort of debate. You asked what the problem was IF sports got more of the pie. I said it before and I'm a racing man. Until I know what the deal is I will always be fighting the corner for racing. Do you know what the deal is? Do you know anyone who does? As for my stance on the NZ betting industry, the more is bet the more racing should receive UNDER the current Act. Long may it last. The real fear is that it won't and we'll all be crying as no-one does anything to debate the issues in preparation to influence the right change. I know the government is looking for an alternative funding provider for sports, in particular grass roots sports. It wants to limit pokies because the Act covering pokies has also got its issues, and as we have all seen, the risk of diversion has been defined through corrupt practice. It is also an evil offering that preys on the less privileged, and as such, I don't think we need to continue to expose our underprivileged young people to as they literally see their parents piss the food and education money up the wall. But looking to the future, every business needs competition to flourish and continuously strip the lazy and incumbent from the process. NZ has only got 4.5m people ...not a lot. Our betting industry has been badly managed, as has our racing industry. People simply don't have enough knowledge of history or experience to identify the right thing to do. Even worse, once they know what is the right thing, they choose not to DO the right even harder event in many instances. The best thing to do is open it right up with the right rules, operations and systems. Racing will need to aggressively pursue perfection in all it has to compete, and that needs co-operation between all parties with a very robust mandate. In the meantime I want to understand what has been agreed to because I am personally of the opinion that this may be a game changer. Better to make sure than to regret complacency at a later date.
    • I know this isn,t a political forum mate but the Arawa Park Idea sounds excellent... Unfotunately I saw the taxing water as the next step a long time ago. Don,t know how long before it hits our supermarket shelves and sold back to us ...OR  Am I abit slow and it,s already happening,.... whilst we pay rates and drink chlorine
    • I think you've hit the nail on the head Mardi.Maybe it's time for the government to hit the racing authorities with the "you f....d it you fix it".
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