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    • November: Latest RaceCafe Upgrade   10/31/2015

      Hi All Another major upgrade to the core RaceCafe software was completed on Saturday.  This latest upgrade fixes a number of bugs that many of you have referred to.  It also introduces some new features which will be of interest and use to many of you.  For example check out the Activity tab on the menu at the top of the page.  This is useful if you want to see quickly activity that has occurred since the last time you visited RaceCafe.  There are other new features that you may find - we will slowly inform members over time however they are there and live if you want to go looking. You will also notice some significant speed improvements.  It is now easier to cut and paste information from a variety of sources and the editor is much simpler and more efficient. There are also options to customise your own RaceCafe interface - this is a double edged sword for Admin as no doubt some users will fill their boots and many "non-standard" user experiences will be created. There are also in-browser notifications now - you will get a pop-up box asking if you want to allow notifications and if you do allow you will get pop-up messages telling when those threads and/or posters that you are following have had changes like new posts or replies. The logging in issues seem to be fixed - if some of you are still experiencing issues then the first step is to clear your browser cache and then click on http://www.racecafe.co.nz Now that we have a solid up to date core platform we can begin to release some more features over the next few months.  Does anyone want to run their own blog on a specialist topic? Cheers The RaceCafe Team
    • IMPORTANT: MUST READ   11/25/2015

      Hi RaceCafe members We have just received a request as per the Harmful Digital Communications Act to remove some posts that an individual has found to be: Grossly offensive to them, as a reasonable person (principle 3); Contains allegations which are untrue (principle 6). We are exploring what our legal obligations are and have 48 hours to respond.  As always we will protect the identity of posters and the tenet of free speech within reasonable and legal bounds. Individuals who have made the posts will be contacted by Admin as per the requirements of the Act.  Please act responsibly when you are contacted.  Essentially we will notify you of what has been removed and why and that will be the end of the matter. Thanks Admin


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