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      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.  The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106


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Australian Selections and Punting Articles

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    • It will interesting, both would a be deserving winner.  Could we even have a dead heat? Danielle will be off in July to ride in Sweden so will miss a meeting. My preference would be for a Danielle Johnson win. In the last three seasons she has finished 5th, 2nd and 3rd and has not won the premiership previously. She hasn't chased the title by travelling all over the country and making it a priority, instead remaining in the North and riding against the countries best, taking it as it comes. It will be an interesting couple of months, the momentum is presently with Chris. Good luck to both.             
    • Round 5 - Saturday May 27 Trentham fields were a bit dismal with AKL slightly better  1. Ellerslie R2 - 12.39pm - Shamrock Group 1600 - $30k, 1600m, open hdcp 2. Ellerslie R3 - 1.14pm - Equilume 1200 - $30k, 1200m, open hdcp 3. Trentham R4 - 1.39pm - IRT North Island Challenge Stks - $40k, 1400m, open hdcp 4. Ellerslie R5 - 2.28pm - Graeme Thomson Jewellers Great Northern Foal Stks (LR) - $50k, 1400m, 2yos SWs 5. Eagle Farm R3 - 3.17pm -Mitavite BRC Sires' Produce Stks (Gr2) - $250k, 1400m, 2yos SWs 6. Ellerslie R7 - 3.48pm - Vertical Logistics 1600 - $22.5k, 1600m, R75 7. Eagle Farm R5 - 4.35pm - Mullins Lawyers Grand Prix Stks (Gr3) - $150k, 2200m, 3yos, SWs 8. Eagle Farm R6 - 5.15pm - Glenlogan Park Stks (Gr3) - $150k, 1300m, fillies/mares SW+Ps 9. Eagle Farm R7 - 5.55pm - Darley Kingsford-Smith Cup (Gr1) - $700k, 1300m, WFA 10. Eagle Farm R8 - 6.32pm - Sky Racing Fred Best Classic (Gr3) - $150k, 1400m, 3yos, SWs   The weather forecast for Brisbane is again patchy for Friday/Saturday so an abandonment is possible. I have added three substitute races - all from Randwick - which you should also select for in the event Eagle Farm is off. Please select for these races at the same time you submit your regular picks. Thanks   8A. Randwick R7 - 5.00pm - Fujitsu Air Condtioning McKell Cup (LR) - $150k, 2400m, qlty hdcp 9A. Randwick R8 - 5.40pm - Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation Hdcp - $100k, 1100m, hdcp 10A. Randwick R9 - 6.20pm - One Solutions Hdcp - $100k, 1400m, BM72 hdcp   DON'T FORGET - one BB allowed in each country (for the round) THE ANZAC ARMADILLOS (5th) vs THE PRETEND GERS (2nd)  Sharne (2/2-1207.20) v Casper (2/2-935.20) Richie (2/2-909.20) v Tom (3/1-2723.40) PJ (3/1-933.00) v Kay (2/2-957.40) Cubes (2/2-923.00) v Maria (1/3-761.60) Viceroy (2/2-628.00) v Ian (3/1-1397.40)   THE MONGOL STORMERS (7th) vs THE GRIM REAPERS (3rd) Jack (2/2-678.00) v Von Smallhausen (0/4-535.80) Sir Castleton ?? (3/1-1553.60) v Hesi (3/1-916.40) Final Luca (1/3-585.60) v Cam (2/2-2621.00) Betty (2/2-704.20) v Cabbage (2/2-1212.40) Rees 2/2-624.00) v Rob (3/1-662.00)   ZIG'S WARRIORS (10th) vs THE REDS (1st) Steve P (2/2-1183.20) v The Crucible (2/2-1172.60) Craig (0/4-423.00) v John (3/1-1266.80) Tony (3/1-840.00) v Gordy (3/1-843.60) Steve (2/2-1112.40) v Lloyd (2/2-1391.80) Wrinkles (2/2-405.00) v Sarah (2/2-749.20)   THE HABIBIES (8th) vs THE THUNDERBIRDS (4th) Brian (1/3-447.20) v Sir Gallivant (3/1-779.60) Graeme (2/2-896.40) v Jill (0/4-363.00) Heather (1/3-1259.40) v Moose (3/1-1100.40) Isaac (2/2-1298.80) v Damion (1/3-715.00) Pam (3/1-702.60) v Jason (2/2-599.20)   THE DREAM TEAM (6th) vs THE TRUMPING DONS (9th) Alan (2/2-1103.40) v Punter Pete (3/1-741.20) Sylvia (1/3-691.20) v Ray (2/2-609.60) Mr Gee (1/3-1320.00) v Catalano (1/3-460.80) 6xes (3/1-830.40) v Pete (2/2-808.60) Rosina (2/2-634.20) v Jen (2/2-420.00)   THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 2723.40 Tom (The Pretend Gers) 2621.00 Cam (The Grim Reapers) 1553.60 Sir Castleton (The Mongol Stormers) 1397.40 Ian (The Pretend Gers) 1391.80 Lloyd (The Reds) 1320.00 Mr Gee (The Dream Team) 1298.80 Isaac (The Habibies) Good luck everyone    
    • Chris will win it. I have a huge collect coming if Danielle is to win it - but with my luck or lack of it - I have my doubts.
    • Is anybody able to actually quantify how much money Mr Archer has passed over to Racing Clubs for punters transferring their insurance to him? Perhaps it is "commercially sensitive" but prospective customers surely have a right to know. Fast Track seems to get a lot of exposure on Trackside as the name features as every 4th or 5th word out of Brendan Popperwell's mouth!
    • Comprehensive form guide and selections are available below for tonight's racing from Happy Valley. View the full article
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